The Papapaa Pack- The Papapaa Pack-

Teach about Fairtrade and Cocoa for KS2 & KS3.

Inside this pack you will find.

20 images illustrating the cocoa journey from bean to bar, with an image guide.

35 minute modular film presented by Ade Adepitan, explaining how cocoa is harvested, traded, processed and retailed; and how one school used Fairtrade chocolate to launch an awareness campaign.

30 minutes of DVD Special Features-including harvesting, chocolate production, nutrition and Fairtrade.

Dubble Take DVD is designed to be shown in modules, with each one exploring a part of the bean to bar process. It can also be shown complete if this is more suitable for your students. We recommend that you watch the DVD first before showing it in class as certain sections, particularly elements of Dubble Trading, are really only suitable for KS3 and above.

Total running time: 35' 24.

For more information about the papapaa pack please go to the website:

Price: 5.00